Michael McDonagh


Micheal has a degree in psychology and is a health and wellness expert focusing on fitness, lifestyle and popular culture. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Netflix with his beloved pug Shmoggy, rummaging through the vintage market in brick lane and photography.


The Best Vape Deals in the UK

 Jumponthevape There is no doubt about it: Vape is only getting bigger and bigger. If you’re like the thousands of fans across the globe seeking to expand their vape collection, it can be easy to get swept away in the hundreds of options available. While there are plenty of products to love, others aren’t exactly […]Read More


Vape Pens

Vape pens hit the market about a decade ago and become popular due to their subtle and compact design. They have earned their worth due to their portability, sufficient battery capacity, and option to replace and refill the vape tanks. Additionally, they produce cloudy vapor instead of smoke and are not linked with toxic tar […]Read More


Hemp High Protein Meal Replacement

At Vitaminfood, it’s always about producing the best and delivering the greatest health benefits in our complete nutrition meal replacement products. So why hemp?  That’s easy. Many protein sources are nutritious and have high protein content. Peas also fall in this category alongside soy, whey and rice protein. But hemp is in a different class […]Read More


Cannabis and Pregnancy

Many pregnancy-related symptoms, such as increased stress levels, repeated bouts of nausea, and a limited appetite, are often effectively combated by cannabis in non-pregnant individuals. But is consuming cannabis a reasonable therapeutic strategy for expecting mothers who experience challenges during and after pregnancy? Additionally, pregnancy-related complications don’t just disappear once the baby enters the world. […]Read More