CBD is Beneficial for Social Anxiety Disorder

 CBD is Beneficial for Social Anxiety Disorder

Benefits of CBD in Treating Social Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety has proven to be adaptive responses developed by humans to cope with the many things that seem to threaten their survival. While it is almost impossible to have a person who hasn’t gone through a moment of fear and anxiety, there should be a limit to it. The challenge happens when anxiety becomes excessive as it can lead to several other disorders. One of the notable disorders that results from excessive anxiety is a social anxiety disorder which is known as SAD.

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social Anxiety Disorder is an anxiety condition that affects the social lives of humans. It gives someone a false impression of themselves especially when they find themselves in social meetings. The feeling of you being judged when you speak at meetings, or not being well complimented when you wear a particular type of cloth are some of the traits of this disorder.

While anyone can be a victim of social anxiety disorder, teenagers have constituted the major victims over the years and have caused them to withdraw from virtually every form of social communication. For a few, it caused them to drop out of school, quit their jobs, or even result in other means of gaining confidence like drugs.

Over the years, not so much research has been done into this condition to identify the root cause and proffer what seems to be a lasting solution. No doubt, several pharmacological medications have been recommended for social anxiety disorder. The challenge with all of these medications remains the many side effects that they have on patients. This is what brought about the need to consider alternative treatment options for patients who suffer from this disorder and one alternative that was considered is CBD.

CBD and Social Anxiety Disorder

CBD which is the acronym for Cannabidiol is a type of cannabis with different potentials. Since the discovery of CBD, there have been several benefits it offers being unraveled from time to time. The more research is conducted into the constituents of cannabis, the more benefit is discovered.

CBD is said to contain specific properties that can reverse anxiety behaviors in humans. This is why it was considered as a worthy alternative and a possible treatment option for social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety disorder, as a condition, has a lot of devastating effects on the social life and living conditions of anyone that is suffering from it. Not only will they perceive the social world in an entirely different manner, but they will also have a faulty response to it.

CBD is not the only constituent of cannabis that has been considered as a potential treatment for social anxiety disorder. D9-tetrahydrocannabinol known as THC has also been considered to ensure mind-altering effects. While the research invested in this yielded some positive results in some patients, it didn’t in others. For many patients where THC was administered, they found out that it increased their anxiety levels.

However, for CBD, it was discovered no psychoactive effect was recorded. Instead of increasing it, CBD drastically reduced the anxiety levels in patients. It can do this through its very potent anti-anxiety component.

Benefits of CBD for Social Anxiety Disorder

  • It acts faster than other medications of its kind

For social anxiety disorder, CBD Oil has proven to act faster than other medications that were administered to patients. Asides from acting faster, it does not come with any side effects. Patients can take in as much as 1500 mg of CBD per day to ensure their mood is lightened, their heart rate is steady, and their responses improve. 

  • It enhances the wellbeing and self-awareness of sufferers

CBD also helps to enhance the sense of wellbeing of individuals. Many of the victims of social anxiety disorder have a poor perception of themselves. They always tend to see themselves as being inferior to others and this is what sparks the anxiety and fear of not being like others when they are with others. CBD helps to serve as an anti-anxiety medication that helps sufferers tune down on this perception thereby giving them an increased sense of wellbeing.

  • It can be used to treat animals with anxiety disorders

CBD has also proven to be very essential in treating anxiety disorders in humans and animals. Several clinical trials that have been conducted on animals with anxiety disorder have come out successful. Such animals originally find it to relate with other animals in the same class and kingdom with them. However, after the successful administration of CBD over a specific period, certain changes were discovered as this animal began integrating well with others.

  • It reduces anxiety and improves the comfort of public speakers

Improved comfort is also one of the many benefits of making use of CBD to treat social anxiety disorder. One major aspect that other medications lack other than reducing anxiety is improving comfort. This is most important for public speakers or those, who because of the work they do, have to make presentations from time to time. CBD has proven, by a wide range of tests conducted on public speakers with an anxiety issue, to be a very effective medication. It helps them to reduce anxiety issues while guaranteeing their comfort and confidence when they speak.

The Future of CBD and Social Anxiety Disorder

Teenagers have been discovered to be the largest victims of social anxiety disorders and research shows that this happens right from when they are young. As they grow into their teenage years, they start withdrawing from their social space and begin to lose confidence in themselves. It is expected that in the future, more research can be conducted to see how CBD can be used for children as they grow, perhaps in smaller quantities. If this research succeeds, there is a high possibility of a huge reduction in the number of people with social anxiety disorders across the globe.

CBD for social anxiety disorder will only get better as a great medication for it. However, what needs to be attended to as a matter of urgency is the dose to be administered to a patient either on a weekly or daily basis depending on the stage of such disorder. Hopefully, as more people begin to appreciate the benefits of CBD for social anxiety disorder, it can be prevented from getting worse over time.

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