Vape Pens

 Vape Pens

Vape pens (i.e. Vapes) hit the market about a decade ago and become popular due to their subtle and compact design. They have earned their worth due to their portability, sufficient battery capacity, and option to replace and refill the vape tanks. Additionally, they produce cloudy vapor instead of smoke and are not linked with toxic tar or ash like cigarettes, making them less irritating and more acceptable. A top-quality vape pen provides an amazingly satisfying and incredibly enjoyable experience to every consumer.

A vape pen is also known as a “vaporizer pen or vapor pen,” is a lightweight, pen-shaped gadget that can easily fit in your pocket. In contrast to other vape gadgets such as portable weed vaporizer, these are less complicated and more useful. Initially, they were made to look like a cigarette, but they have evolved into their own thing. Moreover, a vape pen is a battery-powered gadget that heats the vape juice in the cartridge or vape tank to the point of vaporization.

Composition of Vape Pen


 The battery is the largest part and source of power for a vape pen. Some vape pens have fixed batteries; on the other hand, some may have detachable batteries. Moreover, batteries can be charged in the same way as a cell phone by using a charger. 

 Vape tank and Cartridge:

 These containers are made up of stainless steel or glass, or even plastic used to store and vaporize vape juice (e-liquids, CBD oil, or waxes). The tank is designed to be refilled while cartridges are made to be replaced when they get empty. 


The part from where you inhale the vapor is the mouthpiece. It’s the only part of the pen that connects the vape and the user; hence, its design and composition may influence the consumer experience. A broader mouthpiece offers deep puffs, and a narrower mouthpiece allows extended puffs.

 Indicator light:

 Usually, a LED light is installed in vape pens that indicate whether the vape pen is activated or not. It may also change its color according to the battery status.

Application in the medical realm 

Vape pens are getting plenty of applications in the medical sector. Besides gaining a reputation as a healthier alternative, they are emerging as medical devices. They have proved to be a quick and valuable method to transfer many essential oils’ therapeutic benefits. Moreover, they provide excellent dosage control, which allows the administration of the desired dose in the body. As compared to ingestion, vape pens actively deliver the effects of vape oil in the system because patients can experience faster effects at lower doses.

Benefits of Vape Pen

●    Healthier option

If you use vape pens for medicinal purposes, vape pens are even better as they do not produce thick smoke like cigarettes, consequently providing a much healthier experience. Furthermore, the use of vape pens may contribute to reducing air pollution.

●    No foul odor

They do not emit a foul or rancid smell, so your house and clothing will not stink, and you can enjoy vaping in a pleasant atmosphere.

●    Easy for beginners

The use of a vape pen is very simple and straightforward; beginners can easily get used to it.

How to use a vape pen?

The vape pen is an acceptable way to consume CBD, herbs, and some essential oils. one of its popularity is it provides fast absorption, immediate relief, and precise control. Moreover, they allow the therapeutic oils to bypass the digestive system and enter the circulation rapidly. If you are familiar with the vape pen but don’t know how to use it, we are here to guide you. It may appear a bit complex to some beginners, but the use of a vape pen is not rocket science.

Parts of vape pen

In order to learn how to use a vape pen, you must know about the parts of the vape pen and their functions. Most vape pens have the same parts, but some models may vary slightly. Every vape pen must have a:

● Battery

● Heating chamber/ Cartridge

● Mouthpiece

● Indicator light

● Dabber

Filling of vape pen chamber

Simply use a dabber to pick the container’s vape juice and place it in the heating chamber. Carefully place the vape juice on top of the coil in the chamber, and don’t let the dabber touch the coil as it is very delicate. Don’t use your finger for this purpose because it can contaminate the product. In case you don’t want to load and reload the chamber yourself, you can go for pre-filled oil cartridges, which can be replaced easily.

Charging the vape pen

Just like mobile phones, you also have to charge your vape pen. Most of the vape pens come with a charging cord that you can easily plugin into your pen’s Micro USB 2.0 port. It takes about one to two hours to charge completely. A red light indicates that the pen is charging, and a green light indicates that it is fully charged.

Using a vape pen

Undoubtedly, the working of a vape pen is very simple; power from the battery is used to heat the vape juice in the cartridge until it turns into vapor. The vapors are then inhaled through the mouthpiece. There are different models of a vape pen, with or without a push button. In the push-button model, click the button five times to turn the device ON, three clicks to adjust the heat settings, and five clicks to power it off. The indicator light will tell the ON/OFF status of the vape pen. 

On the other hand, the model without a push-button is known as “Auto draw.” You just have to inhale on the mouthpiece to activate the pen. Do not inhale deeply; take small puffs.

Tips for beginners

● Do not inhale through the mouthpiece for more than 5 seconds.

● Inhale fresh air after every puff.

● Do not hold your breath after each draw.

● If you feel dizzy or lightheaded after a few puffs, wait until you get completely normal before another puff.

● It is recommended to dry run a new vape pen to burn out harmful metals that may affect your lungs.  

● Only use vape pens for medicinal purposes. 

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