Hemp High Protein Meal Replacement

 Hemp High Protein Meal Replacement

At Vitaminfood, it’s always about producing the best and delivering the greatest health benefits in our complete nutrition meal replacement products.

So why hemp?  That’s easy.

Many protein sources are nutritious and have high protein content. Peas also fall in this category alongside soy, whey and rice protein. But hemp is in a different class – consider it a superfood with high protein content. Hemp is an absolute game-changer with most of these health benefits being derived from the CBD (cannabidiol) component.

Vitaminfood is developing new hemp high protein powder and shakes. It is a mix of pea protein and hemp protein to harness the advantages of using both products. 

This is the elite protein powder that takes away all that hustle – all the going up and down shelves, reading labels and second-guessing yourself even after all that effort… Vitaminfood is taking that away. Imagine getting pea protein, hemp protein and maca root powder all in one meal replacement shake. It is a great boost for your health, isn’t it?

We also got featured in the Hemp Life Mag, it is an amazing blog on all issues of hemp and CBD life. It explains what products are the best in the market, how to use them and what benefits to expect. Check it out and see for yourselves how awesome CBD products are.

Hemp vs Marijuana

Well, you’re probably thinking about smoking a joint and getting high and about to dismiss hemp again…all that is from Marijuana which is different from hemp. Both are cannabis plants but have variations in chemical concentration and slightly different chemical compositions. Marijuana contains an intoxicating and psychoactive compound called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is what gets you high and addicted to weed.

Hemp, on the other hand, is a non-addictive product and by law contains less than 0.3% of THC; 0.2% in some parts of Europe. Whichever the case, this amount is significantly below what is needed to produce an intoxicating effect and cannot cause any euphoria in such a low natural concentration. What that means is that hemp is not a drug but just like any other plant on your plate and not addictive at all. Maybe all other plants are not even nearly as good as hemp in terms of health benefits.

CBD oil is one of the most popular hemp products with usefulness in relieving pain, reducing anxiety and depression, fight insomnia, alleviate cancer-related symptoms and drug addiction therapy among much more unique uses. Now that we’ve gotten rid of that stereotyped “hemp is just cannabis” face, let’s look into hemp protein. Hemp protein is a real deal for those looking for a great health boost alongside protein supplementation. Derived specifically from the seeds, hemp protein promises and delivers health benefits for your muscles first and for the rest of the body too.

Health benefits derived from hemp protein:

An array of nutrients

Hemp seeds have a wide variety of nutrients accumulated within the relatively smaller seeds. These nutrients are in bulk, especially in raw seeds. It includes up to 30% protein content, 30% unsaturated fats which are good for cardiovascular health, essential fats like omega 3 and 6, several vitamins and many micro minerals.

It also contains a bulk of fiber and 20 amino acids, the profile includes all nine amino acids. The greatest advantage of using hemp protein is that during processing, most of these nutrients are retained. A large number of fats may be removed by cold pressing but some remain.

A lot of fiber is also retained (8g/30g serving). If minimally refined, the vitamins and minerals are retained. What this presents you with is a chance to enjoy the “superfood effects” from the hemp protein concentrate. You only need to find a good “dealer”. Hemp is less likely to be genetically modified

GMOs are a no go zone for healthy meal options. They sure do a lot in increasing world food supply but are being misused and overused at the cost of the same people who are meant to be fed and saved. Foods like soy are heavy on this but hemp, even industrial hemp is less likely to be genetically modified and leans more on being organic that say soy or rice protein or even whey. So no hidden or unknown costs.

In addition to this, just like pea protein, hemp is totally hypoallergenic, and unless you have a rare allergy to cannabinoids

Easy to digest

Hemp protein is easy to digest with studies stating that anywhere above 90% of the protein is digested, absorbed and used by the body. Some indicate even as high as 98%. That is exactly what everyone wants. To know that after hitting the gym and downing a hemp protein shake, the protein actually got used. It gives peace of mind to keep pushing yourself to the limit and know that your muscles will tone up.

The edestin and albumin proteins are easily broken down by the body.

A great boost to immunity

Hemp is a powerful antioxidant with a greater localized effect in the brain.

It also contains globular proteins and a high amount of arginine which lowers the amount of C-reactive protein. Raises your nitrogen oxide levels and all these effects (of course not forgetting the unsaturated fats already mentioned) lead to improved cardiovascular health.

Hemp has an anti-inflammatory effect because of its high gamma-linoleic content. This helps to improve conditions like arthritis, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease.

 Other health benefits (in a brief) include:

  • Improves digestion and cleanses the colon because of its high fiber content.
  • Relieves eczema
  • Enhances the processes of muscle repair and building lean muscle
  • Strengthens hair and conditions the scalp

Hemp Life Mag covers the usage of hemp and CBD in greater detail.

 Side effects and all the dirt we could get on hemp

Hemp is rich in fiber, crazy rich, I would say. The oldest use of hemp is actually making ropes in Ancient China…that is how much fiber it has. This is a good thing but if you are not used to foods with high fiber content, you might want to go easy on hemp and consume in small moderate amounts for your body to adjust comfortably. All high fiber diets can cause bowel irritations, gas and bloating.

Hemp protein sources, especially minimally refined ones yield a very gritty and unmistakable earthy taste which quite isn’t attractive. Vitaminfood specializes in smooth texture and research on natural flavors is consistently underway so we got you sorted on that bit.

The other part is allergic reactions to cannabinoids which are components of hemp seeds. In some severe cases, such allergies could be manifested as anaphylaxis which constricts the airways and poses a risk of death. So if you got an allergy to hemp products, hemp protein is not the option for you. Look into other hypoallergenic options like pea or rice protein for your safety.

That’s it about hemp protein…remember, it is a great deal. You just can’t pass on all those nutritional benefits of the current buzz in superfoods. Give it a shot and get even more hemp products.

P.S – CBD oil cooking has even more wholesome effects which might have been removed in the hemp protein concentrate. The flowers and leaves also have a high concentration of cannabidiol so the way I see it, you’ve got to try hemp protein and CBD oil.

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