What if one bottle of CBD oil could change your life?

 What if one bottle of CBD oil could change your life?

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There is an ever-growing craze over CBD, and the ways it may possibly help those who use it. Along with this ever-growing craze, a range of products with the label CBD has come along. Everything from lotions to body soaps, to gummy bears. It truly has taken everyone by a storm including DreamWoRx Botanicals.

Though, why did it do so, and how did it do it so quickly?

Despite how it may feel, CBD really was popular long before it is now. Though, it may have not been to the extent it is now. It has a long history in the world, and many people do not quite realize it. From hemp’s use as ropes, papers, and clothing in many of the early years of civilization. Hemp also was in use for medical treatments as well. However, at the time they did not understand why.

Why was hemp used so regularly?

Through the efforts of early civilization, they discovered that there are many plants with possible benefits. Among these an ever increasingly useful plant we know today as industrial hemp. Originally hemp was cultivated in abundance to create fibers. As early recordings show civilizations doing what is known as retting. This was how they would turn the hemp into long fibers for clothing and ropes.

Hemp and Medicine

Through long and strenuous experimentation, the accredited discoverer of hemp as a medicine is Shen-Nung. A mystical emperor in “Pen Ts’ao Ching” or “The Herbal”. An ancient Chinese book depicting the use of hemp to aid in certain ailments. However, the original book is lost to history, there are many remakes from what has been found.

Even with the introduction of hemp as a medicine, hemp was already widespread by this time. This was due to its use in things like clothing, and canvas. When canvas was made, it quickly became the most popular for ships.

CBD and the Marihuana Tax Act

In the early years of the 1900’s cannabis, while still extremely useful. Was being ousted by cheap fibers from places like the Philippines. As years continued, many countries began to ban cannabis, and made it out to be poisonous. This led to, while hesitantly so, the US joining in on the list of countries banning the plant.

In 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act was passed formally banning the growth and use of cannabis. More specifically hemp and caused many farmers to destroy their crops. However, only after a few years, into the later years of WW2 the US government created a farming program commonly called “Hemp for Victory”. Which brought about the resurgence of hemp to create rope for ships in the Navy.

“Hemp for Victory” is more than just a name though, it was also a film made to encourage farmers to produce American hemp. This was to bring about victory to the US. Unfortunately, this American spirit towards hemp did not last long. As shortly after the end of the war, when cheap Philippine fibers were able to be bought again, hemp was prominently banned.

Common questions of CBD oil

With the newly rising popularity of CBD, comes a slew of questions in our modern time. Some are already somewhat knowledgeable of CBD know that it is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in cannabis. Though, this is not common knowledge for all. Alongside this, many are starting to wonder why was it banned in the first place?

Though it is unknown exactly why hemp was banned. Many in the cannabis community are almost in unison when it comes to why they believe cannabis was banned. Like the creation of moonshine, cannabis since it was a plant, was hard to regulate as well as tax. Meaning those who cultivated the plant could create their own ropes, clothes, and other various products.

This is the most common reason it is believed that cannabis was banned.

Does CBD oil contain THC?

While this is a worry for many people, it depends on the product. Certain hemp extracts can contain up to 0.3% THC this is the federal limit allowed for hemp. As well as the limit allowed in many places for CBD products. Though many brands claim their product to be just CBD there is a large chance that the extract the product is made from is Full Spectrum.

Full spectrum is extract you get when you use the whole plant. Commonly known as “Whole Plant Extraction” this method keeps all the cannabinoids of the plant. Though many people extract hemp plants, there are few who take the extract further to get better CBD.

Is CBD legal

Luckily for many CBD is a readily available product. However, it has only been this way recently. In 2018 the US government passed the Farm Bill Act, allowing the cultivation of hemp plants containing up to 0.3% THC and making derived products from these plants legal. Though only federally, this has been a huge step in the legalization of cannabis.

While most states have laws following the federal standard, states are also allowed to regulate CBD and its products. As such it is always best to review your respective states laws over CBD.

What is the difference between Full, Broad, and isolate CBD?

When creating CBD based products there are 3 main ways to create them. Each being Full Spectrum Broad Spectrum and CBD isolate. Though few companies explain which of these they use in their products. There are big differences as to what each do when consumed.

Full spectrum is what you get when you do what is called “whole plant extraction”. Being the most common method, it is most often used in the creation of CBD products.

Broad spectrum is the distillation of full spectrum, and this unlike full spectrum does not contain all the cannabinoids of the plant. However, it does contain a concentration of a few of them, and in most cases has low to no THC in it.

Now we have come to CBD isolate. This is somewhat self-explanatory; CBD isolate is when you isolate the cannabinoid CBD. In most cases it is a white powdery substance, and some people use this isolate in their foods. These three are the main ways people create CBD products, and each have their own possible benefits.

There is a long history in our world between civilization and hemp, and as research continues, we may discover a wide variety of things we did not know hemp could do. With medicines already approved by the FDA, being a CBD treatment, it is exciting to see where it may lead. If you are curious about hemp, or CBD products. There are important steps to finding the best product for yourself. There are many CBD suppliers and vendors such as DreamWoRx Botanicals. Offering a certificate of analysis allows customers buying from one or the other to see exactly what is in the products they are purchasing.

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