Best Nicotine Salts for 2021

 Best Nicotine Salts for 2021

Nicotine salt, although a new addition in the vaping industry, is quickly becoming popular these days.

Initially developed by the industry giant JUUL, nicotine salts are now being manufactured by most of the vape brands. In this article, we are going to take a look at the Best Nicotine Salts for 2021. By going through our list, you would be able to make an informed buying decision.

This type of e-juice has a higher content of nicotine by volume, which means that it be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Despite the high alkaloid content, these e-liquids don’t irritate the throat of the consumers. If you purchase from reliable brands, you would feel velvety sensations in your throat in each draw.

What are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts are chemical compounds that are naturally extracted from tobacco leaves. The chemical composition of nicotine salts is considered to be more stable than that of the traditional freebase e-juices.

Many people have a misconception that nicotine salts are similar to that of table salt (sodium chloride), even though they are different elements. So, you don’t have to worry about increasing your daily sodium intake by using nicotine salts, as they are not salty.

During the production process of nicotine salts, nicotine molecules are neutralized by benzoic acid, which increases the overall smoothness of the e-liquid. This synthetic compound also decreases the pH level of the liquid that provides a pleasant vaping experience to the vapers.

Best Nicotine Salts for 2021

For those planning to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, there are various variations that they will experience.

Nicotine salts give instant gratification to the vapers by metabolizing nicotine quickly in the body. This means that you would need fewer puffs to satiate your daily nicotine needs.

Most of the nicotine salts are suitable for vape devices that are based on MTL (mouth-to-lung) function. We have compiled the list by looking at different factors, such as flavor, throat-hit, and VG (vegetable glycerine)/PG (propylene glycol) ratio.

Read the full guide below to get a better understanding of the latest nicotine salt options in the market.

Mint by Naked 100 Salt Nicotine eJuice

Mint by Naked 100 Salt, which was previously known as Arctic Air, makes you feel like you breathing in a polar vortex with its rejuvenating combination of mint and menthol.

This is a perfect nicotine salt to have during the summertime, as it would chill you to your core. Upon inhaling, you will experience a splash of frozen mint leaves, which then converts into a blizzard of menthol while you exhale.

It comes in a 30mL chubby unicorn bottle. The users can choose from nicotine concentrations of 35mg and 50mg, depending upon the nicotine tolerance in the body.

Lemon Tart Nicotine Salt by Vape Dinner Lady E-Liquid

Lemon Tart Nicotine Salt by Dinner Lady is an award-winning e-liquid that is best suited for heavy smokers.

As soon as you take a deep draw, you will taste a buttery pastry meshed with citrus laced lemon flavor. It is an e-liquid nicotine salt flavor that can stand on its own and it will have you shaking in excitement with its flavorful experience.

With a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, this nicotine salt will create a realistic smoking sensation. It is available in nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg. Despite its characteristic of releasing high doses of nicotine in your blood, it doesn’t cause any harshness to your throat.

Crumbleberry by Milkman Salts

Crumbleberry by Milkman Salts is a dessert-themed salt e-liquid that provides a palatable experience to vapers who have a sweet tooth.

It features sweet raspberries paired with a delectable crumble and rich cream. On top of that, the flavor also has a touch of milky essence to it, which is a unique feature found in most e-liquid blends by the Milkman.

With a VG/PG ratio of 60/40, this nicotine salt helps you effortlessly produce thick plumes of cloud. It comes in a standard 30mL e-juice bottle.

The Pudding by Milkman Salts

Pudding by Milkman Salts is a splendid dessert e-liquid blend that perfectly creates harmony between sweet and sharp flavors.

It features a decadent blend of creamy vanilla pudding with a light lemon zest that showcases the high standards of excellence of the brand Milkman. It combines savory and tarty overtones, which will leave you in a dazzled state. Crafted with high-quality ingredients, you will not regret purchasing this nicotine salt e-liquid.

It comes packaged in a 30mL bottle and maintains a VG/PG ratio of 60/40. It has a nicotine strength of 40mg, which is perfect to match the needs of ex-smokers. Make sure not to use it with sub-ohm devices to ensure safety.

XO by Don Cristo Salts

XO by Don Cristo Salts delivers an authentic Butterscotch flavor that is reminiscent of a classic Cuban cigar.

It perfectly blends sweet caramel undertones with a smoky hint, which creates a rich flavor sensation for all those vaping aficionados out there. With its 50/50 VG/PG ratio, you would be able to create thick clouds and enjoy a satisfying throat hit.

It comes in a 30mL glass e-liquid container that is protected with a child-resistant cap to ensure maximum safety. It should be used with ultra-low wattage and pod-based systems.

Fruit Punch by SaltBae50 E-Juice

Remembering drink fruit punch beverage in childhood? Fruit Punch by SaltBae50 E-Juice puts the vape fans in a nostalgic phase with this classic flavor.

This nicotine salt e-liquid features a combination of different fruits which include orange, cherry, pineapple, and apple. When you inhale, you will be welcomed with the tangy and sweet splash of various fruits added to the e-liquid.

It maintains a 50/50 VG/PG ratio and comes in a regular 30mL e-juice bottle. You can opt for nicotine strengths of 25mg and 50mg. Treat your taste buds now with a splash of this fruit punch today!

Fresh Pineapple by SaltBae50 E-Juice

Optimized for consumption in sweltering hot summer weather, Fresh Pineapple by SaltBae50 E-Juice gives you a rejuvenating experience.

It features thinly sliced pineapples that have a subtle tone of sweetness to them, making it a perfect summertime treat for vape enthusiasts. Crafted for fruit lovers, this is a must-have during the summer season.

It arrives in a standard 30mL e-liquid bottle with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. It is available in nicotine by volume concentrations of 25mg and 50mg. It is recommended to use it with closed devices.

Grappleberry by I Love Salts Nicotine Salt eJuice

From the Mad Hatter line, Grappleberry by I Love Salts Nicotine Salt eJuice provides the users with a personal cornucopia.

It takes you to private fruit heaven with its combination of different fruits like grapes, apples, and blueberries. The apples used in this e-juice have a fresh tanginess to them, as they are freshly picked from an orchid. Similarly, the freshness of other fruits added to this blend takes you in the summer breeze.

It comes in a regular 30mL e-juice container, and you can opt for nicotine concentrations of 25mg and 50mg. This nicotine salt e-liquid is only compatible with non-sub-ohm devices, and it is better to use it with a refillable vape pod system.

Classic Menthol by I Love Salts Nicotine Salt eJuice

Classic Menthol by the Mad Hatter brand gives the vape fans an invigorating experience with its minty and menthol blend.

This icy cool nicotine salt e-liquid is a must-try during the hot summer days, as it will leave you feeling revitalized after a vaping session. The combination of mint and menthol works unbelievably well together, which creates a splash of artic breeze in your throat.

It has a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, which allows you to create impressive thick clouds and enjoy a strong throat hit. You can opt for two different nicotine concentration options: 25mg (2.5%) and 50mg (5%).

Whether you are an ex-smoker or a novice vaper, you should add this icy nicotine salt to your current e-liquid collection.

Oasis by Aqua Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Oasis by Aqua Nicotine Salt E-Liquid is produced to create a strong buzz in each inhale with its concoction of fruits, which include ripe peaches, mellow cantaloupes, and gushing papayas.

It comes in a 30mL e-liquid bottle with a standard 50/50 VG/PG formulation to satisfy your nicotine cravings throughout the day. It is available in nicotine strengths of 35mg and 50mg.


All of the 10 mentioned nicotine salts provide a unique flavorful experience to vape fans depending upon their preference.

We hope you have enjoyed our recommendation of the Best Nicotine Salts for 2021. If you are a flavor chaser, then you should purchase nicotine salt e-liquids with lower nicotine strengths. On the other hand, if you are a transitioning smoker, then you should opt for high concentrations of nicotine by volume.

Choose any nicotine salt flavor depending upon the level of nicotine concentration you are craving at any given moment. By adding a variety of different flavors to your e-liquid collection you would be able to enhance your overall vaping experience.

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