Creative Bear Tech Software Delivers Business Leads and Email Addresses.

 Creative Bear Tech Software Delivers Business Leads and Email Addresses.

Creative Bear Tech Software Delivers Business Leads and Email Addresses.

Creative Bear Tech Search Engine Scraper and Creative Bear Tech Mass Email Sender are software solutions for businesses of all industries and sizes.


Creative Bear Tech has developed two software solutions to help achieve business growth and new B2B leads for companies of all sizes and within any industry. One of the largest challenges for companies right now, especially given an influx of online marketspaces during COVID-19, is to capture qualified customer interest. Creative Bear Tech Search Engine Scraper and Creative Bear Tech Mass Email Sender help stressed marketing budgets and new companies flourish while also delivering potentially profitable leads for existing companies seeking to grow their lead sources.

Creative Bear Tech Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor helps to create business leads and identify new customers without having to buy email lists that may be old, outdated, or obsolete. The lead-generating software was created to find niche sales leads without all the complications associated with antiquated lead software or CRMs. Companies can now boost their databases for newsletters, email blasts, teles sales, social media, and direct mail marketing without investing in long-term marketing contracts or expensive, non-resourceful list buy agencies.

Creative Bear Tech Search Engine Scraper and email extractor generate target sales leads directly into an Excel spreadsheet file without effort.  The product helps companies to be specific when looking for customers and leads. The email list software and website scraper can define niche business needs with specific keywords. An online CBD business may focus on the terms “CBD products”, “buy CBD Gummies”, “Vegan CBD edibles” and develop a pool to pile information from. From there, the extraction of information becomes autopiloted. Creative Bear Tech has innovated lead generation and email collection for business owners.

The Creative Bear Tech Mass Email Sender has been developed to help avoid Spam using intelligent filters, especially when targeting free popular email service providers. The email creation elements are visually appealing and this email software has the ability to send unique email messages. Emails are still the most viewed form of media on mobile phones, making email marketing efforts for companies essential. Both email and text messages are almost at a 93 percent view rate on mobile devices, putting the purchasing power of customers literally in the palm of their hands. No business should discount the benefits of utilizing a mass email sending software or search engine scraper.

Creative Bear Tech’s Search Engine Scraper and Mass Email Sender programs are assisting the movement of business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Business opportunities have to be fought for in today’s current climate. There is a lot of online competition to capture customers. Email addresses and niche marketing information is important because brand visibility and a strong online presence and email marketing campaign can result in a real increase in profit and customer loyalty. Customer loyalty equates to trustworthiness, which goes a long way when it comes to word of mouth referrals. Understanding how to go looking for business opportunities and B2B leads is as important as using the right software programs. Creative Bear Tech’s Search Engine Scraper and Mass Email Sender answers this calling in the easiest and most accurate manner possible.

“We created these products to assist business owners of all sizes. Many online business owners and Internet entrepreneurs wear a variety of hats in their day-to-day operations. Spending time fishing through email lists or tracking down data relevant to their niche is time these business owners don’t have. Our software programs for email addresses and scraping websites is a valuable tool that delivers actual results” said Tatyana Dyachenko.

Creative Bear Tech Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor comes with support. The software keys arrives shortly after purchase and it may be run on Windows or MAC with the appropriate conversion application. The software supports the scrapping of all the top platforms including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps, Yellow Pages, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your own website list, and more! Companies may merge a variety of CSV spreadsheet files using the merger tool, split  CSV spreadsheet files by the total number of records or by country, and clean emails using email list cleaner.

Creative Bear Tech Mass Email Sender will work on various search engines, business directories, social media sites and even custom website lists concurrently, combining all of the results into a single Excel CSV spreadsheet. Likewise, the search engine scraper has a set of proprietary filters that utilize artificial intelligence to generate niche-targeted data.

Members of the media are invited to try either or both products upon qualification of a story request. A representative for both Creative Bear Tech Web Scraper and Email Extractor and Creative Bear Tech Web Mass Email Sender is available to talk about how the products promote business development, competitiveness for companies of all sizes within the online market place, and how innovative technology continues to help niche products and services become found by a waiting marketplace of companies.


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