Epidemic of insomnia sees JustCBD formulate sleep-specific CBD gummies

 Epidemic of insomnia sees JustCBD formulate sleep-specific CBD gummies

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(London, UK) March12, 2021: It’s been one year since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. Rather than getting used to the changes and the challenges that have come with the coronavirus, many continue to experience stress, depression and anxiety all leading to an epidemic of insomnia. Between the constant barrage of headlines, the terrible toll of COVID-19 and the stresses that come from an unsure job market and a teetering economy, it’s no wonder doctors have stated that insomniacomplaints are up more than 37 per cent. For JustCBD, an online company specializing in high-quality CBD products, the demand for relief has led to a new line of popular gummies.

JustCBD, makers of a wide range of popular edibles, CBD gummies and CBD products, is known for its product accessibility and a full range of flavours. JustCBD gummies are available in vegan-friendly formats as well as sugar-free edibles. Gummies are available in familiar flavours, such as peach rings, blue sharks, gummy bears and worms and in variety packs for those who can’t decide which is their flavourite. JustCBD’s vegan-friendly gummies come in summery and sophisticated champagne and strawberry flavour. JustCBD gummies can be ordered quickly and easily online in packages as small as a 250-gram sample jar, to a more robust 1000-gram jar.

“The National Institutes of Health recently put out a survey that showed one in five people are experiencing insomnia, anxiety or depression since the pandemic began,” explains Ksenia Sobchak, CEO of JustCBD. “Prescriptions for sleepaids are up more than 20%, but not everyone wants to go the prescription route. Many of our clients enjoy the ease of grabbing a few great-tasting gummies a coupleof hours before bed and enjoying the relaxing effects they have. Gummies allow our clients to choose their dose. On tougher days they can have an extra gummy. Our quality control measures, and third-party lab testing mean that our clients have confidence that the CBD they are ingesting isconsistent and of the best quality.”

Unlike other CBD edibles on the market, JustCBD provides open and transparent access to the lab testing reports on its publicly accessible website. This allows consumers to confirm the potency, efficacy and ingredients in their products. Lab testing is done on each product by a third-party testing facility which confirms not only the potency, and alsothat all JustCBDhemp-derived goods have a consistent and dependable number of cannabinoids.

For more information about JustCBD, to browse the newly released CBD Sleep gummies, sugar-free gummies, vegan-friendly gummies,edibles, and other CBD products, visit www.justcbdstore.com

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