Can We Use CBD to Heal Inflammation Across the Body

 Can We Use CBD to Heal Inflammation Across the Body

Inflammation is a natural phenomenon that occurs inside the body when our body is harmed in any way. There are two types of inflammation, Chronic and Acute Inflammation. Chronic inflammation is not very common and it occurs when there’s an imbalance of free radicals and anit-oxidants in the organs.

Chronic inflammation is found in obese persons and people who are suffering from chronic illnesses like IBD, Arthritis, and Asthma. On the contrary, accurate inflammation occurs after an injury to the body. Accurate inflammation goes away in a couple of days and it is not as harmful or painful as chronic inflammation. 

CBD is known to have a very powerful outcome in reducing inflammation across the body. Recent research found out that CBD oil can be used to heal inflammation across the body but how does it work? Read on and find out more about CBD and its anti-inflammation properties.  

CBD for Inflammation 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is known to have an anti-inflammation agent that can interact with the immune system to reduce the inflammation across the body. A research was done by Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry on CBD in 2015 which indicated that CBD holds certain anti-inflammation properties. The research concluded that CBD could reduce inflammation in the body through various pathways and patients with chronic inflammation could benefit from CBD. 

Later on, more research was done on CBD where researchers found that CBD could also reduce inflammation in the pancreas and intestines. People who suffer from IBS could use CBD to reduce the inflammation in their large intestine and improve their symptoms. Similarly, it was also revealed that CBD could also reduce inflammation in joints as well. It is believed that Arthritis patients could benefit a lot with CBD and thousands of people who tried CBD to treat arthritis found it very effective. 

Unfortunately, there were no humans trials to prove this theory but patients who were suffering from severe illnesses like IBD found CBD a game-changer for them. Instead of getting hooked up with opioids and steroids, patients found CBD to be much more effective for their inflammation across the body. 

CBD is known to have many medical benefits but its anti-inflammation properties could help millions. Additionally, many CBD-infused products could heal inflammation across the body. Here’s a quick guide that will help you understand which CBD product is best for you to heal the inflammation in your body. 


Arthritis is a very common condition in which the joints can get swelled which can be a very painful experience. People with Arthritis find it very hard to keep up with their day-to-day routines. It is backed by medical research that CBD could reduce the swelling and inflammation around the joints and give instant relief to the body. 

CBD oil could very much reduce the inflammation across the body but for Arthritis, the response could be delayed. In such a case, CBD-infused balm is the best CBD product that you could use to treat Arthritis. This CBD-rich balm will reduce the pain and also heal the inflammation in the joints as well. 


The inflammation in the lungs is the major cause of Asthma and makes it very hard to breathe. Smoking cigarettes and vapes could also cause Asthma and patients with severe asthma need an oxygen cylinder to help them breathe. In recent research, reviews found out that CBD could play a vital role in reducing the inflammation in the lungs. It was said that CBD could also reduce the chances of suffering from breath-shortness if someone is tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

Many Asthma patients around the world useCBD oil to their conditions and for some of them, CBD worked like a miracle. It helped ease their symptoms and was able to significantly improve their quality of life. 

Crohn’s Disease

Research on CBD revealed the CBD capsules could ease the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and reduce the inflammation caused by colitis. Patients with Crohn’s disease found CBD capsules to be effective for them. However, there’s not much research done on the topic and there aren’t any human trials that provide proof that CBD could treat the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. However, numerous researches indicate that CBD and its anti-inflammation properties could prove to be very beneficial for patients suffering from inflammation-related illnesses. 

In conclusion, CBD holds anti-inflammation properties that could significantly heal the inflammation across the body and give you instant relief. If you’re also suffering from inflammation in the body then we recommend trying CBD-infused products. 

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