The MLB Welcomes CBD Major League Baseball Opens Its Doors to Cannabinoids

 The MLB Welcomes CBD Major League Baseball Opens Its Doors to Cannabinoids
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By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire

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Sponsored – The MLB Welcomes CBD Major League Baseball Opens Its Doors to Cannabinoids

Major League Baseball is excited to announce that the 2020 60-game regular-season will start on July 23 and 24. Needless to say, baseball fans throughout San Francisco are getting excited. Whether you support the Giants or grew up watching the Yankees, this season will be like no other. Not only is regular testing for COVID-19 now required, but the MLB is the first major sports league in the nation to remove natural cannabis, such as powerful CBD cream for pain, from its list of abusive drugs.

According to a recent press release, the best CBD oil and pain creams “will be treated the same as alcohol-related conduct under the Parties’ Joint Treatment Program for Alcohol-Related and Off-Field Violent Conduct, which provides mandatory evaluation, voluntary treatment and the possibility of discipline by a Player’s Club or the Commissioner’s Office in response to certain conduct involving Natural Cannabinoids.” After being evaluated, every ballplayer will receive his own CBD plan. If the guidelines are not followed, the athlete may find himself suspended.

Rather than turning to addicting prescriptions, like sleeping pills, CBD goodies can quickly and safely manage both physical and mental stress. Depression fades away and folks experience a peaceful frame of mind. As a direct result, getting quality sleep becomes a piece of cake, working wonders for your energy level throughout the day. Both concentration and memory skills improve as well.

Sponsored – The MLB Welcomes CBD Major League Baseball Opens Its Doors to Cannabinoids

Perhaps the fun part of trying CBD merchandise is using trial and error to figure out which delivery methods you prefer. Colorful CBD gummies and other edibles are the most popular CBD items on the market. They taste great, but still take a while to take effect in your system. On the other hand, powerful CBD tincture goes to work immediately after just a drop or two under your tongue. Some people prefer to smoke CBD vape oil, while others like to sit in the tub with a soothing CBD bath bomb. There isn’t one best CBD product, as every individual has his or her personal preferences.

The MLB Welcomes CBD Major League Baseball Opens Its Doors to Cannabinoids

Of course, the MLB will test for opioids, fentanyl, cocaine and synthetic THC in its Joint Drug Program. Similar to how the league handles issues with alcohol and violence, a player will not get suspended for using the drugs. Rather, he will now be sent for substance abuse treatment.

That’s not all. Throughout the next two seasons, every entire team and its personnel will also have to attend educational seminars and watch videos on the dangers of opioids, not unlike Nancy Reagan’s D.A.R.E. to Keep Kids Off Drugs videos in the Eighties.

“Players are overwhelmingly in favor of expanding our drug-testing regimen to include opioids and want to take a leadership role in helping to resolve this national epidemic,” Tony Clark, Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, claimed in a public statement.

Thanks to the top CBD oil and gummy bear edibles on the market, a stressed out athlete in the MLB can now play on his own field of dreams, whether it is at Oracle Park or Yankee Stadium.

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