CBD OIL: Benefits of Cannabidiol in Beauty Products.

 CBD OIL: Benefits of Cannabidiol in Beauty Products.

Exaggeration of the benefits of beauty products from manufactures has made purchasing of beauty products a needle in a haystack. The elaborate descriptions and packaging have enticed many women to purchase the wrong beauty products for their skin leading to no positive results and hence money wastage. The secret behind choosing the right beauty product for your skin is identifying the type of your skin (can be dry, oily, sensitive, or normal) and acknowledging any skin issues such as acne, eczema, uneven skin tone, skin discoloration, and sensitivity. The second crucial step is identifying a product that may have an ingredient, keeping in mind any allergies you may have, that can suppress or better solve most if not all of your skin issues. Cannabidiol is such an ingredient. In this article, we are going to discuss if indeed Cannabidiol is worth the buzz it has created lately in the beauty world as well as other fields.

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is an extract from the Cannabis plant and is diluted by a carrier oil. Besides THC, it is the most second abundant active compound from cannabis. It is extracted from the leaves, stalk, or flowers though the C02 extraction process. It can be likened to anandamide that is naturally produced in the human body system.

The cannabis plant has been used since the ancient days. The plant has so many compounds that include cannabinoids and THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient that gives the euphoria effect. On the other hand, CBD has been said to be a multi-purpose compound. It contains terpenes which researchers say have health-boosting effects. They also provide a unique aroma.

Flavonoids contained in the CBD are also similar to those contained in fruits and vegetables. They are very crucial for protecting the body against diseases.

The addition of CBD to your favorite skincare product will avail more benefits to your skin as well as your general wellbeing.

Why Choose Cannabidiol Beauty Products?

Reduces acne.

Acne is a skin condition that most people deal with and affects not less than 9% of the population. It is characterized by the presence of blackheads, whiteheads, scarring, and other types of pimples in the skin. Genetics has also been found to be a cause of acne. When produced in excess, sebum which is very oily and waxy together with dead skin cells, bacteria and inflammation clog hair follicles causing acne.

Though there are available treatments such as retinol-based products, before recovery, the skin often suffers irritation, redness, puffiness, and swelling which causes agonizing pain. With the help of CBD, it can be possible to bring soothing effects to the skin since CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties

Its ability to regulate sebum production will go a milestone to help treat acne the safest and most efficient way.

Lessen visible signs of aging wrinkles.

Ironically, no one wants to grow old but this is a natural process that we all have to pass through. Signs of aging such as fine lines, creases, and wrinkles can be attributed to advanced age, smoking, repeated facial expression, and long exposure to the harmful UV rays which cause sunburns that accelerate these signs.

Studies show that cannabidiol is a very powerful antioxidant, more than vitamin C and E combined. Our bodies need antioxidants to inhibit the oxidation process which is a chemical reaction that produces unstable molecules or free radicals that damage the cells. The human body can produce antioxidants but not enough and due to other external effects like pollution, leading unhealthy lifestyles make it impossible for the body to counteract all the free radicals. This is the reason why doctors recommend inclusive of foods highly rich in antioxidants in your diet every day.

In 1998, the National Institutes of Mental Health, and the National Cancer Institute in Maryland released a study that showed the potential of CBD as a neuroprotective and antioxidant compound.

CBD is a great agent when introduced to skincare products for it helps get rid of ruddy skin tone and brighten the skin giving it a more youthful natural look.

CBD for Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Effects

A 2016 review by the National Institute of Health, revealed that cannabidiol has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects. This unique character of CBD proves that it can help fight and reduce infections on the skin.

Ability to soothe sensitive skin.

Cannabidiol has effective soothing effects and because of this property, it helps suppress issues of sensitive skin such as reactivity and redness. Since the outer layer of the skin is always exposed to the outside world, it becomes an easy target to environmental stressors like UV rays, air pollution, etc. which can damage the skin causing inflammation, puffiness, and skin discoloration

The anti-inflammatory property of cannabidiol makes it possible for products with the ingredient to effectively soothe, repair inflamed, dry or irritated skin. Sunscreens with cannabidiol as an ingredient effectively protect the skin from UV rays.

CBD only affects the skin and doesn’t enter into the bloodstream.

When Cannabidiol is applied on the skin it gets absorbed and interacts with the skin receptors called cannabinoid. Products that may contain harmful chemicals like pesticides when used my find their way to the bloodstream brings adverse health problems.

However, CBD only works on the applied area, that is, when applied on the face, it will only improve the appearance of the face and no other parts of the skin. This makes it safe to use.

It Has Pain-Relieving Effects.

Menstrual cramps are irritating, painful and uncomfortable. A gentle topical rub using CBD oil on the lower stomach can be a great relief. Besides that, the topical rub of cannabidiol on a sore muscle helps relieve the pain.

CBD has also been used by people who suffer from chronic pain. Cancer patients have for a long time benefited from using CBD products to ease the pain.

Addresses Anxiety and Stress Issues.

With so much chaos, pandemic, and other life stressors, anxiety can be the new normal. In some cases, episodes of insomnia are believed to cause anxiety. Anxiety and stress if not addressed by therapy and professionals can lead to poor health and depression.

Depression cases have alarmingly increased in recent years. Recent research also shows that several suicide cases are related to depression issues. Depression is so serious that it can cause lack of sleep. Sleeping disorders and depression lead to anxiety, hopelessness, frustration, and exhaustion.

Cannabidiol is commonly used to address people who suffer from anxiety attacks and sleeping disorders. A 2017 study showed that CBD had the potential to improve symptoms of sleeping disorders. Most CBD users say that it has a way of relaxing the mind without impairing it and help you tuck into your warm bed for a good night’s sleep.

CBD for wakefulness.

This non-psychoactive cannabis compound has been identified to be a wake-promoting agent while also helping regulate healthy sleeping patterns. CBD alerting properties make it possible to interact with the neurons in the wake-inducing area of the brain.

How to Choose Products

By now it’s crystal clear that indeed beauty products with Cannabidiol as one of the ingredients are good, safe, and effective.

The next time you want to shop for CBD products have the following in mind:

Choose from a reputable brand

It is of paramount importance to go for well-established brands. Allure is one of the leading CBD brands that is known for its dedication to producing high-quality CBD products. Brands should ascertain that their products have gone through a third-party testing.

Check the ingredients list

Be sure to go through the listed ingredients provided in the product in order to get the right quality. Some companies have misleading labeling which makes the product a scam to the user, don’t give up yet there are still high-quality CBD products out there for you. Allueur Luxury CBD Vitamin C Serum is a topnotch product that has received good reviews from its users.

It is also important to research the source of the hemp so as to be certain that is organic and free from pesticides and other health hazards,

Check the pricing

Since there are so many CBD products in the market, it is good to compare prices of different products that offer the same use.

Know the CBD terms

When the term broad-spectrum is used it means that CBD has been extracted with all other compounds except  THC while full-spectrum or whole means that there are some traces of THC usually less than 0.3% CBD isolate will mean that there are no traces of THC and it’s the purest and most potent form of CBD. Contains 90% of cannabidiol, it is odorless and tasteless.

The Takeaway

Whether you need CBD for pain, to address sleeping disorders, for beauty routines, the anxiety you may consider investing in a good CBD brand. First, understand why you need the product, do ample research, consult your dermatologist and doctor before embarking on the journey of using CBD.

Ekaterina Mironova

Ekaterina Mironova


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