Kurvana Full Product Review

Kurvana was founded in 2014 with a mission to bring purity, potency, and transparency into the cannabis market. I was sent some of Kurvana’s staple products which I tested for two weeks. Here’s my verdict, along with additional information about the company, its manufacturing process, shipping policy, saving options, and more. 

About Kurvana

The brand provides whole-plant cannabis products to consumers looking for 100% natural products. Kurvana’s product celebrates the  “endless benefits of the mother plant without any harmful and unnecessary fillers or additives.” The company harvest natural ingredients to formulate high-quality cannabis and hemp products, The company is internationally recognized for its commitment to improving the everyday life of consumers with safe and pure products. 

Manufacturing Process

Through creative engineering, manufacturing excellence, and scientific discovery, Kurvan has been revolutionizing the CBD industry since its inception. The company sources raw hemp flowers from organically grown cannabis cultivated by trusted farmers. 

Kurvana has a dedicated team led by first-class scientists and engineers to create the top full-spectrum products. After years of research, Kurvana developed a proprietary extraction process that maximizes the purity of CBD oil, while also preserving the phytochemical fingerprint of the hemp plant. 

Kurvana never introduces additional terpenes or any additives as these might harm the plant’s original essence. Committed to full transparency, the brand tests all it products in third-party facilities. On top of it, each product goes through testing in Kurvana’s proprietary, state-of-the-art analytical laboratory to ensure 100% purity. 

Shipping & Returns

When shopping for Kurvana products, you’ll be shopping through the brand’s partners. Essentially, you would have to specify your location and then choose the product you want. You’ll be informed about the stores near you that have the specific product in stock so you can choose where to buy from. So, the shipping rates would depend on the specific policies of the partner stores. The same applies to the return policies so make sure to check them before shopping.  

That said, to avoid purchasing fake products, make sure to check the locations of licensed cannabis retailers directly on Kurvana’s website. Also, note that the brand is currently only available in California.  

Kurvana Rewards

Kurvana Rewards offer a surefire way to save when shopping for this brand. You should download the LucidID app and then scan the LucidID code on the packaging of Kurvana products. You’ll get access to original Kurvana merchandise like custom enamel pins, engraved batteries, apparel, and accessories. Plus, by scanning the code you’ll be able to get information about each Kurvana product and ensure it’s authentic. Finally, you’ll get important information like recommended dosage and likely effects. 

Kurvana Product Range

Kurvana has an extensive product range from CBD oils to vape cartridges. Good thing is, you can use the filtering option and easily narrow down your search. I was sent four types of CBD oils. Delighted with the packaging, I was eager to try these promising products. Read on to find out if they lived up to my expectations.   

Kurvana Calm 30:10:1 Tincture

The 30:10:1 CBD oil promises to help you relax and bring calmness. The oil comes in an easy-to-use bottle of 30ml with a simple pipette for easy dosing. The total concentration of cannabinoids is 2,400 mg. Of them, 1,800 mg is CBD, 600 mg is CBG and 60 mg is CBN. Such an effective ratio ensures to amplify your cannabis experience which was definitely the case with me. I sensed almost instant calmness as soon as I ingested the oil. I was overwhelmed by a sense of tranquillity and subtle relaxation. Furthermore, the oil is enriched with Ashwagandha, Blue Tansy, and Lavender, enhancing the calm feeling and giving the oil a distinct but very pleasant taste. The oil costs $99, which is a bit on the pricier side. 

Kurvana Sunshine 1:5 Tincture 

Created to “keep your days full of sunshine”, this Sunshine 1:5 Tincture is a stimulating tincture that promises to energize your day and give you the stamina you need. The tincture is CBG dominant. Out of a total of 1,800 mg cannabinoids, 1,500 mg is CBG and 300 mg is CBD. Also, it contains bioactive ingredients Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha, and Algae Oil. The tincture provides a fast energy boost, mental clarity, and focus. I found it’s very beneficial when you need an extra boost to keep going. The price of the oil is $75, which is pretty reasonable. 

Kurvana Recovery 2:1 Tincture

The Recovery 2:1 tincture boasts 1,800 mg cannabinoids of which 1,200 mg is CBD and 600 mg is CBG. Additionally, the tincture uses potent botanicals like Thai Basil, Green Tea, and Peppermint to provide full-body recovery, sustain energy, and maximize senses. I loved the minty taste of the tincture and was amazed by the power of this tincture. It worked wonderfully for my sore muscles and even helped with my chronic backache. It’s definitely my favorite CBD oil of Kurvana. Plus its price is $75, which is within industry standards. 

Kurvana Balance 1:1 Tincture

Curated for everyday use, the Balance 1:1 tincture contains 1,800 mg CBD and CBG on a 1:1 ratio. The tincture has a natural taste that isn’t overwhelming — quite the contrary it’s very pleasant. It claims to provide a balance of mind and body but I didn’t notice as obvious effects as with the other Kurvana CBD oils. Maybe it would be better to try this oil in a higher potency. That said, I think it’s great for newcomers to the CBD world or those looking for a CBD oil that provides subtle effects to keep them going throughout the day.  

The Verdict

I was delighted to be able to test these unique CBD products Kurvana. I was immediately swooned by the brand’s philosophy and its commitment to using clean and safe ingredients without compromising the product quality.  

Kurvana’s products are made from 100% natural bioactive plant ingredients blended into an effective full-spectrum formula that delivers potent results. All oils I tried delivered on the promised and are a must for boosting energy, relaxing, amplifying recovery, or balancing mind and body.

Disclaimer: This post was originally published on shopgiejo.com

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