Caitlin Hagar

Introverted Canadian transplant in Lisbon with a background in education, information access and privacy, and records management. Pen to paper is how I process the world around me in all its chaos. I enjoy writing about sustainability, food, and telling personal stories, as well as looking at the connection between physical space and head space. My passions include music, art, pizza, tacos, true crime, and my wonderfully goofy dog. I believe in a future where our most vulnerable are cared for and community is treasured. If it can be taught, I can learn it.


The New Era Of CBD – CBD Face Mask –

CBD beauty has been the latest beauty trend and the talk on every lip. From moisturizer creams, lip balms, serums to sunscreens this new beauty trend is transforming many lives. Who knew that CBD face masks could also explode and be the new normal? This no longer a secret in the beauty trend, everyone who wants to look years […]Read More

CBD Oil Tinctures Buyer’s Guide – How To Buy CBD

What Are CBD Tinctures? Scientifically speaking, a tincture is an herbal medicine concentration that is in an alcohol solution. Leaves, roots, herbs, and various plants are soaked in an alcohol solution, after which the plant matter is strained and the remaining liquid is bottled and labeled as a tincture. In a CBD tincture, the solvent (alcohol) […]Read More


How Do CBD Tinctures Help with Boxing and other Combat

How Do CBD Tinctures Help with Boxing and other Combat and Grappling Sports? Now that we’ve covered yoga, meditation and relaxation, let’s look at the other end of the spectrum: combat sports like boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc. There is a rising popularity in these high intensity workouts and many swear by their health benefits of […]Read More